I met James from Doris & Dude at Autumn Fair last September. Doris & Dude is a small West Country accessories company based in Newquay. Designed in their home town their socks are inspired by nature and a love of the great outdoors, so you will find a lot of animals, birds and insects in their designs. A family business they

During a festive break to Dubai I was amazed to see Madagascan, Swiss and Turkish Honey available at breakfast but not a hint of home grown honey anywhere. So I thought I'd investigate why this was. My findings surprised me. UAE does produce honey  on a commercial scale of about 800 tonnes/year. There are very few hobby beekeepers, in fact The

Wow, wow, wow, surely we've known for a while the damage plastic does and is doing to our environment but the stir created by the sudden media interest is phenomenal, absolutely incredible! Media reports, surveys, television documentaries have all increased public awareness. The statistics are shocking and have woken many of us with a start and a jolt. This is

After a long and cold winter that saw two excessive snow falls, we have been enjoying a run of current warm sunny weather with the warmest May on record. Great for UK holiday makers, families and our pollinators. With more people and insects outside we have an increased issue of mis-identification. I am often contacted about bees asking for my

How did I get into beekeeping and making skincare? I'm asked this question so often and I love explaining how Beeutiful came about so thought I'd share it here so those that have never asked me personally also now know! To be perfectly honest, I just had a crazy idea and I ran with it! I read an article in a Sunday

Yes really, no I am not kidding, this really is the case! I have a few customers who of their own accord have used B-balm on their dogs. Cut paws, dry noses and a random dry patch on the tummy have all been healed by B-balm. One of these customers, Lisa was in the early stages of creating her own

It’s that time of year again! Second half of April through to end of July is typical swarming season here in the UK, weather dependent of course! A bright warm sunny day will see a swarm make its spectacular exit from it’s hive and settle on a tree, bush, conservatory roof or car bonnet. Swarming is a natural reproductive process that

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