Honey for your skin

Honey was used to treat wounds during World War I. Discovering this fact was the inspiration behind Beeutiful and the first product I formulated, B-balm (formerly known as Healing Balm as that’s what it does, it heals!). The benefits of honey to the skin are multiple. Honey is a humectant, it attracts and retains moisture – leave an opened jar of honey on the side and you’ll soon see this, as it granulates absorbing moisture from the air. Using products containing honey like our B-balm means moisture is encouraged onto the top layer of the skin which will then penetrate into the skin, encouraging softness, suppleness and elasticity. With a PH level ranging from 3.2-4.5, similar to our skin, makes it very gentle, suitable for even the most sensitive skin and the antioxidants it contains help skin fight free-radicals that can cause damage. This ability to attract water and hold it makes honey naturally antibacterial, denying bacterial microbes the water they need to survive. This antibacterial property and moisture retaining element is why honey is so good on wounds and was used for centuries before the advent of antibiotics.

Beeutiful products incorporate a second product from the hive, beeswax. History shows us beeswax has been used in toiletries and cosmetics since Egyptian times and is used in hair products, lipsticks, face creams, foundation and mascara. A perfect emollient beeswax locks moisture within its structure whilst also providing an effective barrier protecting the skin from environmental factors without suffocating and blocking pores. Beeswax is high in beta-carotene, a bioflavonoid that is converted by the body into Vitamin A, necessary for cell regeneration. Add to this it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties beeswax is useful in treating wounds and acne as well as dry skin conditions.

Intended to soothe my dry, chapped sore Winter hands Beeutiful B-balm combines both beeswax and honey, squeezing as much honey into the formulation without it being too sticky while harnessing it’s skin enhancing properties. Since it’s launch in 2013 B-balm has soothed many hands as well as aiding the recovery of eczema flare ups, dermatitis discomfort, the flaking of psoriasis, shortened the healing time of burns and aided the recovery of cuts, grazes and skin rashes.

B-balm is undoubtably Beeutiful’s hero product and a fabulous example of how beeswax and honey can soothe and repair skin conditions. If you use B-balm let me know what you use it on and if you don’t use it yet but think it could help, give a 15ml tin a try, here at Beeutiful we are confident in B-balm’s therapeutic powers. Let me know how you get on.

Carly x

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