No Mow May

Started in 2019 by conservation charity Plantlife No Mow May encourages us to abandon the lawn mower and let Spring flowers grow providing food for foragers and other wildlife. As well as home owners, local Councils and business owners are also encouraged to leave gardens, verges and parklands to grow, enhancing a much needed Spring nectar flow for our pollinators.

Since the 1970’s we have lost nearly 97% of flower rich meadows and with them vital food sources for our pollinators, like bees and butterflies. Leave the mower in the shed and a healthy lawn with some long grass and wildflowers benefits wildlife, tackles pollution and can lock away carbon below ground. All you need to do is not mow your lawn in May!

With over 20 million gardens in the UK, even the smallest grassy patches add up to a significant proportion of our land which can deliver enormous gains for nature, communities and the climate. This is why Plantlife is asking us to get involved with #NoMowMay and let wild plants thrive in your lawn.

Avoiding mowing in May doesn’t only boost Spring wild flowers, it also allows us extra time to enjoy wonderful green spaces and connect with nature. Plantlife are therefore also encouraging us to explore wildlife friendly activities like building a bug hotel, installing a wildlife pond or simply admiring the beauty of garden wildlife as we let our lawns grow. Spending time outdoors is good for us as well as enhancing our understanding of and appreciation for nature and wildlife. Spending quality family time outdoors is good for the soul and a great education for our children on it’s importance.

Share pictures of your not mown lawn on social media, encourage others to do the same and tag #nomowmay

Let wild flowers thrive.



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