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Everyone needs socks! Male, female, child, adult, young or getting on a bit, we all wear socks. Even in the current sunny temperatures I still have a need for socks. I need socks when I workout and I definitely need

So the first gloriously sunny weekend of the year and we are all confined to our own little plot of England. For many this means a chance to organise our gardens for the year. To plant flowers, sow seeds, mow

During a festive break to Dubai I was amazed to see Madagascan, Swiss and Turkish Honey available at breakfast but not a hint of home grown honey anywhere. So I thought I'd investigate why this was. My findings surprised me. UAE

Wow, wow, wow, surely we've known for a while the damage plastic does and is doing to our environment but the stir created by the sudden media interest is phenomenal, absolutely incredible! Media reports, surveys, television documentaries have all increased

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