Galantine’s Day 13th Feb

So we all know about Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and romance for you and your partner, spouse, lover or love interest. But do you know about Galantine’s day celebrated the day before V Day on 13th February?

Galantine’s Day was the brain child of the fictional character Leslie Knope, main character in Parks and Recreation, an American political satire mockumentary running from 2009 – 2015. Leslie created Galantine’s day to pay tribute to her girlfriends and the friendships she has with them, celebrating with brunch and the exchange of gifts.

What was an unknown holiday created by a fictional character rapidly increased in popularity, allowing us the chance to recognize the impact our friends have on our lives and thank them for their steadfast loyalty, love, and the fun we share.

Galantine celebrations are increasing in popularity year on year with brunch and spa visits being a firm favourite. Other celebrations include pub lunch, an evening meal with plenty of wine, an at home movie night or just a casual coffee with plenty of chat. Whatever the activity the aim is to gather our female friends around us and celebrate the love we have for one another and toast how important our friendships are.

So will you celebrate Galantine’s Day this year? Beeutiful could provide the perfect gift to any of your friends, a little at home pamper treat reminding them of your love and friendship.

However you celebrate your friends this year, I wish you a lovely time and send you all a big squeezy hug from me too.

Carly x

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